The Snack Pack


The Snack Pack

  •  (4) Don's Ruby Eyed Blood Leech
  • (4) Don's Carpet Caddis
  • (4) Italian Spider Fly

(12 flies total per box)

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Don's Ruby-Eyed Blood Leech (4 per pack)

Fans of the show have seen Don use this pattern for years, as it is one of his go-to lake patterns. This pattern works great after a chironomid hatch or when fish are cruising the weed beds looking for an easy meal. Don has also used this pattern in rivers during the summer months when the fish are holding in the fast water runs. Best used on a clear, intermediate sink line or floating line with an indicator, over the weeds or a sink-tip line on rivers.

Don's Carpet Caddis (4 per pack)

Don’s Carpet Caddis is the best dry fly pattern we have used for Caddis and Sedge hatches on both lakes and rivers. Tied in various sizes, this fly can imitate small river caddis or large lake sedges. Best used dry or sub-surface during Caddis hatches on rivers or dry during Sedge hatches on lakes.

Italian Spider Fly (4 per pack)

The Italian Spider Fly was proven to be one of the best patterns at the World Fly Fishing Championships held in Jackson Hole, WY and is an absolute killer pattern for Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout. This fly sits high on the water, which makes it easy to see and is also a good indicator fly when fishing a dropper. Best used as an attractor pattern and/or when Caddis are active.

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