Steelhead Essentials Variety Pack


Steelhead Essentials Variety Pack


(12 flies total per box)

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The Bruiser (4 per pack)

The Bruiser was developed on the Skeena River and it’s tributaries for Steelhead and after many years of testing, has become our #1 Steelhead pattern. The fly design allows for more consistent hookups, since the hook is at the very end of the tail, and the head displaces LOTS of water, which forces the Steelhead to take the fly aggressively. This fly has also caught a variety of Pacific Salmon, Pike, Bass, and Walleye. Best used with sink-tip lines on Single or Double hand (Spey) rods on river systems.

Anika's Red and Black Intruder (4 per pack)

Anika Juergensen developed this colour combination for this very effective Steelhead fly. This fly takes advantage of the intruder style trailing hook, which improves hookups and gives the fly added movement in the water. The Steelhead seem to prefer this fly when water clarity is fair to good and the sun is shining. Best used with sink-tip lines on Single or Double hand rods on river systems.

Judas Priest (4 per pack)

Malte Juergensen developed this pattern for Skeena River Steelhead and also found it effective for Coho and Sockeye Salmon. The fly was named after Dale’s grandson, Judah Freschi, along with his favourite rock band. This fly is very effective for Steelhead and most Salmon species during their river migrations. Best fished down and across with a slow retrieve.

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