Lots of Leeches

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Lots of Leeches

  • (4) Roche Lake Special
  • (4) Don's Ruby Eyed Blood Leech
  • (4) Brian's Magic Brown Leech *NEW*

(12 flies total per box)

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The "Lots of Leeches" Variety Pack now contains (4) of Brian's Magic Brown Leech (replacing the Vampire Leech)

Each "Lots of Leeches" Variety Pack contains:

(4) Roche Lake Special

The name says it all! This fly was developed for the Rainbows at Roche Lake, BC and has been effective in many other BC lakes. This fly is best fished in shallower water with a clear intermediate sinking line or hanging off an indicator in deeper water.

(4) Don's Ruby-Eyed Blood Leech

Fans of the show have seen Don use this pattern for years, as it is one of his go-to lake patterns. This pattern works great after a chironomid hatch or when fish are cruising the weed beds looking for an easy meal. Don has also used this pattern in rivers during the summer months when the fish are holding in the fast water runs. Best used on a clear, intermediate sink line or floating line with an indicator, over the weeds or a sink-tip line on rivers.

(4) Brian's Magic Brown Leech

Brian's Magic Brown Leech was designed for the finicky fish of Sheridan Lake, BC. The pattern works extremely well when fish are spooky and want a subtle, non-flashy leech pattern.