Don's Chirono-Pack


Don's Chirono-Pack

  • (4) Don's Gunslinger Chironomid
  • (4) Don's #1 Chironomid
  • (4) Don's Tricked Out Chironomid

(12 flies total per box)

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Don's Gunslinger Chironomid (4 per pack)

Don’s Gunslinger is a chironomid pattern that does it all! This pattern has caught fish in shallow and deep water and is probably the best all-around chironomid pattern we have ever used. Best used with a strike indicator in shallow water or long leaders, without an indicator, in deeper waters (naked).

Don's Tricked Out Chironomid (4 per pack)

Don’s Tricked Out Chromie is a chironomid pattern that has been designed to fish in deeper water (>15 feet). The UV color of this pattern really shines in deeper water and works great when the fish are staying deep and not coming onto the shallow water shoals. Best fished with 15 to 20 foot leaders with or without an indicator or straight down using a full sink line.

Don's #1 Chironomid (4 per pack)

This chironomid pattern has proven, over the years, to be one of the best early season lake patterns and Don’s personal favourite. It has all the colors and flash needed to catch those finicky trout and works great in slightly deeper water (>10 feet). Best used with a strike indicator, in May and early June, off the edge of shoals.

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