Desperate Measures Variety Pack


Desperate Measures Variety Pack


(12 flies total per box)

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Brian's Olive Crystal Chenille Scud (4 per pack)

Brian Chan developed this pattern to imitate freshwater gammarus shrimp (scuds) in BC lakes. If there is one pattern you have to have in your fly box for ice-off and late fall fishing, this is it. Best fished in shallow water using short, quick strips.

Brian's Green Chaoborus Pupa (4 per pack)

Everyone has heard of the dreaded ‘glassworm’ hatch but fear no more. Brian Chan developed this pattern to imitate chaoborus pupa emerging to hatch. This pattern is very effective when glassworms are present and also when small, green chironomids are emerging. Best fished on an indictor using a wind drift or slow hand twist retrieve.

Tequila Booby* (4 per pack)

*usually ships with Size 10, but may ship with Size 12, depending on current stock availibility

The Tequila Booby is one of the most effective attractor patterns ever created for lakes and rivers. Used on a full sink line with a fast, erratic retrieve, this fly is deadly for ALL freshwater fish species... we have even caught Pike on this pattern!

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